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Raw Water Beyond

Supplying The Raw Water Cooled Systems Aboard Your Lifted Vessel

The intelligent method of providing cooling raw water to your vessel systems while on your lift.


Heavy-duty pumps providing cooling raw water

Our multi patented technology uses minimal power while delivering optimal performance.

With A-Sea Lifted’s groundbreaking technology and top industry equipment providers, we are now keeping your raw water systems flowing and active when your vessel is up on your lift. Working with lift and boat manufacturers to provide seamless raw water access.

Prepare your boat for the next, great day on the water. 

Easy to connect & disconnect, allowing for seamless lifting and launching of your boat. 

A-Sea Lifted can help protect your cabin from overheating and your soft goods from getting musty, as well as run your chiller plates and ice makers as desired. Spool your gyro from shore power with raw water and keep some bait well systems operational while on your lift.

Keep all of those raw water systems running.


Ready to catch the big one when you are!

Versatile and easy to use.

Whether for your fishing boat, your classy Lobster Yacht, or taking care of the family cruiser, A-Sea Lifted gives you the comfort of keeping your systems operational and at their ready best.