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Pre-order Questionnaire

*Use measuring line for accuracy (be sure to measure actual path)* *Standard length is 30"*
*This circuit needs to be powered on 24/7 while the boat is on the lift for our system to work properly.
Upload files

We understand that we are asking a lot of questions, but these answers you provide are very important for a seamless installation and user experience. 

If you have any photos of the bilge/ sea chest or sea cock areas and dock, that would help us at A-SEA Lifted ensure that we are doing all we can to supply the correct equipment for your installation.  Attach .jpeg or other formats.

For any technical questions, contact Mark Boettcher 570-840-5628

We look forward to working with you and giving you a healthier, cooler and better prepared lifted boat for your next great day on the water.

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